Introducing, our biggest collection yet! Once Upon a Time. 
From left to right, 

Ruby Red Queen of Hearts is a sheer glitter funfest of red hearts, bars, and hexes of all sizes. It can be layered over undies or worn on its own. The name is for The Queen of Hearts, but also Ruby, my personal favorite character. 

Emma's Blue Fairy is a sheer glitter explosion of various shaped blue glitter, including but not limited to, circles, bars, diamonds, and squares. You can layer over undies, or wear it on its own. It's named after Emma Swan and the Blue Fairy. 

Sno Charming is a frosty white base filled with red, black, gold, and iridescent white glitter. The red, black, and white are for Snow White's red lips, black hair, and pale skin. The gold is for Charming's crown. 

Rumbelle is an opaque gold implosion. Various gold and chartreuse glitter hexes, some holographic gold dust, and speckled throughout, some blue glitter hex. The gold and chartreuse is for Belle's dress, as well as Rumpelstiltskin's other-world name Mr. Gold, and the blue is for her original village dress. 

Regina is a sheer to opaque coat filled with various shades of green glitter dust, small emerald green hex, black hex, and shiny green squares. When I think of Regina, I think of green. Maybe it's that mint green coat she wore when she was horseback riding, back when she was still innocent; either way, I see green. Of course, she didn't stay innocent, so it was only fitting that I speckled it with black glitter as well. 

You've Got me Hooked is a sheer to opaque slate coat filled with black bar and hex glitter, silver dust, and blue and red hex. More on this in the competition results. 

                        THE COMPETITION RESULTS

We got a LOT of incredible submissions, but Hook won by a landslide. 8 of you requested Hook, and among the Hook submissions we received, deciding on the winning color was insanely difficult. As it were, we have two winning submissions, as well as a non-Hook honorable mention just because her suggestion was so awesome. 

The two creators of our newest and final color of the collection are Emily DuPont, and Samantha Corey. Emily provided the perfect name that had me giggling, and Samantha provided a color combo that really spoke to me. Both ladies will receive the full Once Upon a Time Collection. 
If you made a submission requesting a Hook polish but your design was not selected, do not worry; all entries requesting Hook will receive You've Got me HOOKed. 

In addition to Samantha's color suggestion, I threw in some speckles of red, because they reminded me of that brilliant red coat that Disney's Captain Hook used to wear. 

Hook was the most popular request, and hence, the winning character of our contest, however an honorable mention was received by Jessica King, who suggested "Sleeping Maleficent". I will work on creating a color that reflects her brilliant submission for her to receive and enjoy. 
The winners have been E-mailed, and you can buy the collection on our etsy shop at A huge thank you to everyone who participated, I had a lot of fun reading through your suggestions. 

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3/12/2013 05:37:27 am

OMG YAY I'M SO EXCITED. It's so pretty! They're all so pretty!

3/12/2013 06:08:49 am

My paycheck can't get here soon enough. Holy shit.

3/12/2013 06:43:28 am

Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! I can't wait!


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