Introducing an exciting sneak peek at four of our upcoming colors in the Once Upon a Time Collection. Missing from the photo is Regina, which we will be sure to show you as soon as possible. 

Emma's Blue Fairy is a sheer glitter explosion of various shaped blue glitter, including but not limited to, circles, bars, diamonds, and squares. You can layer over undies, or wear it on its own. It's named after Emma Swan and the Blue Fairy. 

Ruby Red Queen of Hearts is a sheer glitter funfest of red hearts, bars, and hexes of all sizes. It can be layered over undies or worn on its own. The name is for The Queen of Hearts, but also Ruby, my personal favorite character. 

Sno Charming is a frosty white base filled with red, black, gold, and iridescent white glitter. The red, black, and white are for Snow White's red lips, black hair, and pale skin. The gold is for Charming's crown. 

Rumbelle is an opaque gold implosion. Various gold and chartreuse glitter hexes, some holographic gold dust, and speckled throughout, some blue glitter hex. The gold and chartreuse is for Belle's dress, as well as Rumpelstiltskin's other-world name Mr. Gold, and the blue is for her original village dress. 

Regina will be a funpacked emerald green glitter of fun, and we're excited to show you that as well. 

Now, on to the EXCITING part! 

                     The Competition

It is impossible to compress the entire show and cast of characters into a single collection, so we're letting you decide what the final color and character of the collection should be! Cast your vote by either leaving a comment or submitting the form below! The winner whose color and character is chosen will win the entire collection. 

So, cast your vote, and spread the word! Please use an E-mail address that you check regularly, as we will 
E-mail the winner to request a mailing address. 

-Ketlyn Austen

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03/09/2013 2:58am

Submitted! How cool! I can't wait to see the release!

03/09/2013 4:22am

OMG SO EXCITED. I LOVE Once Upon a Time!

03/09/2013 5:21am

HOOK. I have no idea what it should look like but HOOK NEEDS TO BE A PART OF THIS.

03/09/2013 6:12am

Mulan with black for her black hair and red maybe? Speckled to look like Rumbelle but with black and red instead.

03/09/2013 6:17am

How about Aurora? I know not many people like her but she'd make for such a pretty pink and gold glitter polish.

03/09/2013 12:20pm

You suck! I must have this!!!

03/09/2013 3:04pm

Haha I'm so sorry. I try so hard to wait but I just can't!

Em Dupont
03/10/2013 8:24pm

Submitted! Super excited for this collection! It's my favorite show!


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